Amazing Spider Man an icon?

Hello everyone to another blog from your humble writer from Ancon Panama which another super hero story of the Amazing Spider Man.The source of this blog come from with the subject matter why is the Amazing Spider Man an iconic hero.One reason is that Spider Man is an iconic hero to many of his fans is that as Peter Parker he gained the powers of a spider when he was bit a radioactive spider.It would be like if any of us gained a power as teenagers and wondered if we can use it for good or for evil. In the case of Peter Parker he decided to use his powers for good. What I have noticed about Spider Man as well as his legions of fans is that he is an average person who lives with his aunt May Parker, works for a living as a photographer with the Daily Bugle and has to deal with J Jonah Jameson who dislikes Spider Man since in the view of Jameson, he dislikes the masked hero for bullying him, thinking he is above the law and not wearing a mask to conceal his identity.One reason Spider Man is admired is because he has suffered many tragic events like the loss of uncle Ben Parker when he failed to stop a robber at a sports arena who stole money from the box office.I remember Spider Man telling the police officer that “I was looking out for number one, namely me.” On why he did not stop the burglar at the sports arena.To his dismay, the thief he failed to stop at the arena went to rub out Ben Parker during a home invasion. When Spider Man was able to catch the thief later on, he was shocked that the criminal he caught at a warehouse was the same man he could have stopped at the sports arena.Spider Man learned a lesson from his late uncle Ben that we all learn to apply in our lives “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Yes Spider Man is an heroic icon since he has faced hardship of losing his uncle Ben and later on his girlfriend Gwen Stacy at the hands of the Green Goblin.I just wonder if Spider Man does read those famous quotes of football coaching icons the late George S. Halas and the late Vince T. Lombardi of never giving up in battle?Source is and image is courtesy of

Source: Amazing Spider Man an icon?


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