Indianapolis Colts not likely to fire Chuck Pagano

Hello everyone and welcome to another sports blog for Sunday.Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay issued a statement he has no plans to fire his current head coach Chuck Pagano and his current general manager Ryan Grigson at the end of the 2016 football season.The Colts (6-7) are one game back of the American Football Conference South Division standings lead behind the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans (7-6) before the start of the football games on Sunday.Irsay will wait until the end of the football season to see if the Colts need to make a coaching change and a change in the general manager position if they do not the make the playoffs for the second year in a row.Pagano signed a four year contract extension at the end of the 2015 football season which may be a reason that Irsay may not want to fire his coach at the end of the 2016 football season if the Colts do not make the playoffs.The view is if Pagano is fired for his failure to take his team to the playoffs for a second straight football season since the tea leaves are making that suggestion, who would the Colts replace Pagano with?Irsay is positive that the Colts can win their next three football games versus the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars and make it to the playoffs, then the talk of firing Pagano who has coached the Colts since 2012 will be a moot point.     News source is and the image is courtesy of

Source: Indianapolis Colts not likely to fire Chuck Pagano


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