I told you so

Hello everyone to my life adventure blog for Monday. When I started to share my thoughts on this website I did a blog about the wisdom of using Twitter and the frustration of trying to recruit an actress to work with the W G Ventures show called “Wordgirl Advance” which Lord willing will be on the internet in the late part of 2017.Now since I am not an actor that lives in Hollywood and never walked a mile in the shoes of the actress who did the voice of several cartoon characters including the voice of elderly villain Granny May Johnson on the PBS Kids cartoon Wordgirl, actress Cree Summer thought I was pulling her leg by doing what the powers that be at W G Ventures asked me to do. Contact by Twitter or Facebook some of the actresses or actors to work on the sequel to Wordgirl.Okay so Miss Summer does not follow me on Twitter I was only able to tweet her an invitation and not send her a direct message. As you know I nearly quit working for W G Ventures since my relationship with the powers that be with them was like very shaky at best due to my low self esteem that I felt failed them and I did not to be a locker room cancer.Now just recently W G Ventures did send an email telling me that Cree found out I was not pulling her leg or playing her a joke. Even though Cree did not tell me the message personally since she thinks my handle name Deepizzaguy was going to her home and deliver her a Panama Special pizza free of charge, I got even with the powers that be at W G Ventures which is “Do not rattle my cage if I did my best to assist you getting the help you needed to get the show off of the ground.”Now for my slice of humor it would be “Now I know how Spider Man feels when J Jonah Jameson blames him for a tragic event that he had no control over.” I did tell W G Ventures in my email even though my days of writing scripts for them is done for now, be happy that Cree got the message that this former Canal Zonian is not to be messed with when trying to be a team player even though my view of Wordgirl Advance is not the same as their view.W G Ventures sees Wordgirl Advance as Star Trek and Star Wars meets her show.My version would be Wordgirl Advance would meet the quotes of former football coaches living or deceased to get her some oomph in her battles against the villains.Gee whiz I guess the era of the golden era of cartoons like the Super Friends, Fantastic Four and Super Friends went out with rock and roll music being played as bumper music at ESPN and Fox Sports 1 talk shows. Bummer.Image courtesy of Pinterest.com

Source: I told you so


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Online journalist and cartoon fan of Word Girl, Justice League of America, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and old school super heroes. If I what say offends you. Too bad.
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