If Batman teamed up with Panama Squirrel

Please bear with me with my first attempt at super hero humor. For the record I do not take my nickname by some my haters the Joker seriously but I am amazed that Batman has so many fans from celebrities to sports stars.Now my first attempt at humor would be if the Caped Crusader was to team up with my original character River Hato gymnast Gabrielle “D D” Squirrel who goes by the super hero name Panama Squirrel.I got the idea when on Quora.com on the original sidekick of Batman was Richard Grayson alias Robin.In the Batman universe were Richard Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne.Now my attempt at humor would be that Panama Squirrel who is female and about Robin when he was a preteen would join forces with Batman.I could see Batman asking the female super hero who wears white leotards, a red cape, a red mask that covers her eyes and a gold medal she carries around her neck that she calls “Golden” which is basically her sixth sense like Spider Man has his spider senses “Hello stranger that I have never seen before. What is you moniker?”Panama Squirrel would say “My name is Panama Squirrel since I am a history nut? Get it? History nut?”Batman would tell his new sidekick “Do I think I was born yesterday? (Yelling) Don’t answer that!”Then Panama Squirrel would tell Batman “Let me set the record straight for you. First of all do not judge me for my mental error of not placing my hand over my heart at the gym meet last week in Fair City. I am be an alien from Lexicon but I would make for an excellent sidekick like that monkey that works with my close friend Wordgirl.”Batman would raise his eyebrows when he hears his partner reveal to him his suspicions that she is secretly Gabrielle Squirrel. Then Batman would say to Panama Squirrel “Why the name Panama Squirrel?”Panama Squirrel would then tell Batman “Because my relatives and myself spent my first six years in the city of Portobelo Panama training to be a super hero at a secret location in the small town. I received the name Panama because I used to steal bases playing softball for the local softball team and I just eating nuts and driving my softball foes crazy with my Yogi Berra (RIP) quotes like ‘It ain’t over it’s over.’ like our first mission versus our enemies.”   Batman would then say “Come aboard my team. I could use another young Robin to join my team.”Panama Squirrel would then say “Just for the record if you place money in a fight against Unbeatable Squirrel Girl I would give her first defeat in a pro wrestling match since my mom would be the referee.” Batman would say to himself “And I thought The Joker is a tough nut to crack.”Story idea came from Quora.com and the image is courtesy of Pinterest.com

Source: If Batman teamed up with Panama Squirrel


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Online journalist and cartoon fan of Word Girl, Justice League of America, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and old school super heroes. If I what say offends you. Too bad.
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