Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr news

Welcome everyone to another sports blog for Wednesday about one of the most colorful wide receivers in the National Football League today.Stevonne “Steve” Smith Senior, 37, on Wednesday has reached the end of the line by making his announcement that he is not likely to return to play football in 2017.Smith was a third round draft choice of the Carolina Panthers in the 2001 National Football League Draft out of Utah.Smith was one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the Carolina Panthers during his tenure from 2001-2013.Even though I am not a Panthers fan since I root for the Oakland Raiders due to my Panama roots of being an independent thinker, Smith from what I understand from videos of children who had their videos shot by their parents who admired his body of work crying when he left the Panthers to join the Baltimore Ravens as a free agent in 2014 was revered by the Panthers fan base.There is a saying I live by which is “A joke is funny until you are the victim of one which then becomes hilarious.”The meaning is that when many children who admire their sports stars leaving their home team either via free agency or being traded to another team I always think to myself “You kids are crying for a sports star that leave your team but why do not cry when your favorite cartoon or television series ends?”Smith did add a flavor of enthusiasm to the game of professional football that I will miss. Since the Ravens are not in playoff contention this year and Smith will become a free agent at the end of the 2016 football season, he will most likely bid farewell to the game of football after 16 seasons.Thank you Steve Smith Senior for your service to the game of professional football. I will miss your passion of doing your end zone celebrations. Now I am shedding tears that one of the greatest wide receivers in the league is bidding farewell to the game of pro football.In the words of the late John Facenda who was the narrator of National Football League Films “Sobering truth and eternal hope.”The Ravens will end the 2016 regular football season at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati Ohio versus the Cincinnati Bengals.      News source is and the image is from

Source: Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr news


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