How Lex Luthor would get even with Superman

Welcome everyone to another super hero blog for Thursday.As many Superman fans know, his main rival in his battles on Earth has been against Lex Luthor.The one way that Lex Luthor would have the upper hand against his arch rival that he calls “A Kryptonian Boy Scout” alias Superman would be if Luthor would be elected President of the United States.In the animated movie “Superman and Batman: Public Enemies” Lex Luthor was elected President of the United States.Luthor as President required every super hero to work for him. Now anyone knows it would snow in New Orleans Louisiana in the summer before Superman would work for Luthor in a government program.But then again if Lex Luthor killed Superman, two things he would face, sadness that he killed his arch rival and a possible prison for killing the Last Son Of Krypton.In my view Luthor being Superman’s boss as President of the United States would be good since Luthor would keep his rival in check and like what happened in the animated movie “Batman And Superman: Public Enemies” Superman had a limited role fighting crime in Metropolis.That is one reason in my Wordgirl fan fictions I never kill a villain or hero character because how would our hero have some fun battling the bad guys if they are dead?Final note was in the animated movie “Doomsday Superman” when Superman died at the hands of Doomsday, the robot who was at Superman’s hideout told our hero that the laws of Earth do not apply to persons from Krypton so Superman could not really die.Story idea came from and the image is courtesy of

Source: How Lex Luthor would get even with Superman


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