Is Batman overrated?

Happy new year everyone and welcome to my next attempt of super hero humor. One of the most interesting super heroes in the D C Comics universe is Batman.A question was asked on if Batman is overrated. If you look at how popular he is in pop culture he is one of the most popular super heroes of all time.My memories of Batman were the television show that starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin.Many of the television critics are saying the Batman television show that ran on A B C Television from 1966-1969 is considered campy due to the humor of the show.What I have seen of the popularity of Batman has been the countless motion pictures that have come out recently.New York Mets right handed starting pitcher Matt Harvey is nicknamed The Dark Knight.You can say Batman is one of the most valuable heroes in the Justice League since unlike his mates of the team, he does not have any super powers which gives him an edge when he battles alien villains.You make the call if Batman is overrated or a super hero that can relate to since he lost his parents as a young child and became an icon of super heroes.Story source is and the image is from

Source: Is Batman overrated?


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