Should Squirrel Girl be taken seriously?

Welcome to another edition of my super hero blog of Marvel super hero who I have never heard before since I am not reading comic books since I heard some religious sources they should be avoid due to the controversial subject matter they tackle in the comic books that was taboo during my younger days during the 1970s.  On the Quora website the subject matter is if Squirrel Girl should be taken seriously as a super hero? Okay so a few months ago there was a report that Marvel Studios and the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) wanted to star a sitcom with Unbeatable Squirrel Girl as part of the super hero group “The New Warriors.”Lo and behold when I found that the new super hero show if it does get on the air will be sitcom which  brought up memories of PBS Kids hero Wordgirl which played from 2007-2015.What I know about Squirrel Girl is that she has the abilities of a squirrel and talks to squirrels. To add my own brand of humor Squirrel Girl would be an awesome sports talk show host in the New Orleans market during football season since there a few Saints fans who are considered “Squirrels” by the former host of “Hap’s Point After” the late Bernard “Buddy” Diliberto.Could you see Squirrel Girl answering a wise guy remark from a Saints fan who has this belief that the local team would win a Super Bowl in the near future when the team has at least a long shot to contend for a Super Bowl in the near future?Squirrel Girl would tell the Saints fan “Sure and Doctor Doom beat me up from Panama City Panama to the City Of Knowledge Panama (formerly U S Army Base Fort Clayton) in a fist fight. Are you kidding me? My squirrel beat the daylights out of the good doctor faster that you can Word Up. Nice try though.”What I find so funny about Squirrel Girl is that she reminds me of the late Mexican comedian Roberto Gomez Bolanos who played the hero The Crimson Grasshopper. Maybe she is a distant relative of the Crimson Grasshopper or may have inspired by him.Nevertheless I hope that a television network gives Squirrel Girl her own show so she can show us older hero worshipers how she managed to get inner Oakland Raiders fighting style because she “Just Wins Baby” by beating Dr. Doom who is considered one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Comics universe.Story source comes from and the image comes from

Source: Should Squirrel Girl be taken seriously?


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