What would happen if Miraculous Ladybug revealed her secrets

Welcome to another edition of my super hero humor or as I call it satire city.One of the cartoons that played on Nickelodeon which is now on Netflix which is called Tales Of Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir has the one weakness in the show in the first season which I would like to explore.   In the show Miraculous Ladybug when she in on her down time is Marinette Dupain Chang who is in love with Adrien Agreste who is a male model in Paris France and kind of a celebrity.Adrien plays the super hero character Cat Noir but neither super hero knows who they are underneath their masks.Now in my satire world of super heroes if Cat Noir discovered that Ladybug is Marinette he would do the freak.The song “Le Freak” would play in the background as he made the amazing discovery that Marinette is the female hero who gives him orders. How about that? I mean Batgirl never gives Batman orders. Or does she? On the other side of the coin if Marienete discovers that Adrian is really Cat Noir then the song “What’s New Pussycat” would play in the background.Here is the catch. Since the audience for this cartoon is aimed at teens who probably never heard of the singing group Chic or Welsh singer Tom Jones, the powers that be would ask me “Deepizzaguy are you sure the water in the former Canal Zone in Panama is safe to drink today?”I would tell the powers that be at the cartoon “Is Wordgirl from Krypton?” You make the call.Source of this story is Youtube and Twitter and the image is from Pinterest.com Have a good day.

Source: What would happen if Miraculous Ladybug revealed her secrets


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Online journalist and cartoon fan of Word Girl, Justice League of America, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and old school super heroes. If I what say offends you. Too bad.
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