Spider Man Secret Identity jokes

Welcome to a Sunday edition of how to get rid of stress being a super hero. The subject matter is Marvel comics super hero Peter Parker alias The Amazing Spider Man.In the different universes of the Spider Man cartoons Peter Parker lives with his aunt May Parker who according to some of the cartoons dislikes seeing Spider Man since she finds him creepy.Now for many of us who remember the television sitcom “Sanford And Son” which ran on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) from 1972-1977 whenever Fred Sanford (the late Redd Foxx) would get scared he would say “I am coming to join you Elizabeth. Oh this is the big one. I am coming to join you honey.” while holding his chest acting like he was having a heart attack.Okay please understand that my humor may be considered offensive to some people who may be going through a rough period of time but since I like to enlighten the load of super heroes who face stress having to keep their secret identities from their close friends and relatives, I have decided to add some humor to the Spider Man character.Could you imagine if Peter Parker was to tell his boss at the Daily Bugle the honorable J Jonah Jameson “I am really Spider Man.”Jameson would answer Peter “Sure and I am Tom Flores the former Los Angeles Raiders football coach.”Peter then would change into Spider Man and tell Jameson “Just win baby. Wait until next year since my Raiders lost to the Texans in the playoffs on Saturday.”Could you see Jameson suddenly have so many eggs on his face you could make an omelet?The idea came from Quora.com from the Marvel comic book series Civil War.Image is courtesy of Pinterest.com

Source: Spider Man Secret Identity jokes


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