Why Squirrel Girl is undefeated in battle

Welcome to another post from the “Gee whiz you have made a very interesting discovery” post from this Over The Ancon Hill writer for Thursday.  The idea for this blog came from a question that was asked on Quora.com about Marvel super hero Squirrel Girl who is not related to Gabrielle “D D” Squirrel who is secretly the Panama Squirrel.When I found the answer why Squirrel Girl who uses the slogan which is “Eating nuts and kicking butts.” it was shocking to me since when I was youngster harsh language was not allowed on cartoons like the D C and Marvel super hero rosters during the 1970s.Since Squirrel Girl is billed as the “Unbeatable” Squirrel Girl by the Marvel comic book writers as a light hearted hero which is okay with me since I get in trouble with younger fans of heroes today who likes their super heroes with a mean attitude when they beat the bad guys in battle.The reason the Squirrel Girl is undefeated in battle is because the writers of the character like it that way.I do remember former Dallas Cowboys head coach the late Tom Landry saying in an interview on a National Football League Football (NFL) video which I believe was the “NFL Best Ever Teams” something to the effect that he “probably not enjoy his profession” as a football coach if the “Cowboys would in the Super Bowl every year.”Landry said something to the effect that “The challenge of making to the Super Bowl excited him.”I just wonder what would happen if Squirrel Girl did lose to a villain outside of the Marvel Universe? Like say Panama Squirrel?I could see Squirrel Girl reading one of actor Sylvester Stallone quotes from the Rocky Balboa movie which came in 2016 “It ain’t how hard you hit, it’s when you get hit you keep moving forward. See how much you can take. That is winning is all about.”Squirrel Girl then would tell the creator of the Rocky Balboa character “And people call me nuts.” Okay so I am impressed that I found that a writer has control over his or her characters like the Undefeated Squirrel Girl.Idea came from Quora.com and the image is from Pinterest.com

Source: Why Squirrel Girl is undefeated in battle


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