Come on guys it is only a football game

Hello everyone once again for another sports blog from a closet American football fan from Ancon Panama.The subject matter is the friendly rivalry as I use the term loosely between Stephen A. Smith who is not a fan of America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys who is employed by ESPN.On the other side of the coin is his former partner the honorable and I use the term loosely Skip Bayless who is employed by Fox Sports 1 and is  diehard Dallas Cowboys fan.After the conclusion of the National Football Conference Divisional playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers that was played this past weekend in Arlington Texas in which the Packers won by a final score of 34-31 Bayless mourned that his team a game while Smith was so happy that his team a playoff game.Guys I used to live in the New Orleans area when a former day time talk show host on W W L 870AM would tell his listeners “Unless you placed a bet on the football game, it is just a football game. Do not make a big deal about it.” (paraphrased).Cowboy fans when I heard the names Dak Prescott would be your starting quarterback after Tony Romo was injured during the preseason and Skip would have told me that Dak was going to lead the Cowboys to the playoffs in his rookie year I would told Skip “Sure and actor Sylvester Stallone has a sports arena in Panama City named in his honor. Fat chance.”Okay so the Cowboys did win the National Football Conference East Division title and made it to the playoffs but lose a close one to the Packers in a very good football game. Gee whiz Skip ask any former American who lived in the Canal Zone in Panama and ask them if they miss living there in 2017. The answer is “Yes. We do miss the former Canal Zone in Panama.”One more bit of advice to you Skip. Blaming God for having your Cowboys lose to the Packers is blaming me for having Wordgirl the cartoon series close shop in 2015 when the studio Soup 2 Nuts went bankrupt.Final advice to Skip, I will bet you that actor Sylvester Stallone is laughing at you for your inept comment that his boxing character Rocky Balboa “is overrated” and “He never fought anyone.” in the movie of the same name which came out in 2006. Sure and you are Clark Kent.Do not panic Skip, wait until next year. The Cowboys will rise again to greatness. You can have my Wordgirl crying towel. Word up amigo.News source is The Sporting News and the image is from     

Source: Come on guys it is only a football game


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