Why Zack Snyder’s Superman is hated by some fans

Hello everyone to another super hero blog for Wednesday. The subject matter comes from a question in Quora.com why some Superman fans do not like the Zack Snyder version of Superman that was acted by Henry Cavill.The answer is for some of us who remember the late Christopher Reeve as Superman in the four movies he made was that he was the epitome of the Man Of Steel that baby boomers like myself watched on the cartoons.Okay I confess when the first Superman movie with the late Christopher Reeve came out, I was shocked by the harsh language and the female character of Eve Teschmahcer who was played by actress Valerie Perrine wearing a bikini in the movie.Okay I am not a prude but since when I saw the New Adventures Of Superman that was voiced by the late Bud Collyer, I do not remember Lois Lane or any female wearing a bikini in the cartoon series.Otherwise the Reeve versions of Superman were that despite the fact he is a powerful super hero, he does have flaws like anyone else and people like us can relate to an alien from another planet being just like us.The answer to why the Cavill version of Superman was not liked by the fans of the Reeve version of the Man Of Steel was that the updated version of Superman was darker than the original version that Reeve played in four movies.As far I am concerned give me a lighthearted super hero that fights crime with “Truth, justice and the American way” even it is politically incorrect to say the last part of the Superman slogan from the late George Reeves version which played on television on syndication before I was even born.News source is Quora.com and the image is courtesy of Pinterest.com

Source: Why Zack Snyder’s Superman is hated by some fans


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