Max Kellerman: Comedian Of The Year?

Welcome to the Friday edition of the sports blog from the Over The Hill Ancon Hill member discussing my thoughts of ESPN First Fake I mean First Take host Max Kellerman. As people know Skip “Rocky Balboa is overrated” Bayless left ESPN to work for Fox Sports 1 when his contract expired.So good old Max Kellerman who I saw in the Sylvester Stallone motion picture “Rocky Balboa” as himself cheering for Rocky in his final boxing match versus Mason “The Line ” Dixon acted by Antonio Tarver was cheering for his boxing hero Rocky Balboa.Okay so ESPN decided to go with Max Kellerman to replace Bayless to go toe to toe with Stephen A Smith on the morning talk show that I skip since my beauty sleep is more important to me.Okay Max it is one thing to get on the Green Bay Packers bandwagon since their starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers has led the team to seven straight wins during the regular season after the Packers started the season with a record of four wins and six losses in the current football season.Now Max is comparing Aaron Rodgers to former Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards basketball icon Michael J. Jordan (not the actor Michael B Jordan) in the sports arena.In my view comparing Rodgers to Jordan is like comparing D C Comics super hero Power Girl who is Superman’s cousin but from an alternate Earth to French heroine Miraculous Ladybug.Power Girl appeals to us older comic book and hero fans like myself while Miraculous Ladybug appeals to today’s teenagers.Young kids do not know who Power Girl is since I get mail from them saying “I thought you like Wordgirl? Did you guys split up?” No I just like to expand my hero admiration of females.I tell them that Power Girl is not that popular since she is considered over the hill. I guess kids today are not history nuts like yours truly is. Okay if Aaron Rodgers lead his Packers to Super Bowl 51 by beating the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome in Atlanta Georgia, I will believe he does have super powers.  In the meantime Max Kellerman keep amusing me with your hero worship of sports stars who are human beings and not aliens from another planet. Aaron Rodgers the Michael J Jordan on the National Football League. Sure and I am the creator of the fictional heroine Power Girl. Source of the story is ESPN First Take and the image is from

Source: Max Kellerman: Comedian Of The Year?


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