Batman better than Superman?

Welcome to another super hero edition of “What the blazes in going on here” from the Over The Ancon Hill Team Member.On Sunday I received an email from one of the powers that be at Wordgirl (W G) Ventures which is a fan base studio working on the Wordgirl Advance show that Wordgirl is similar to Batman.When I read the source of the article which was that Batman is better than Superman in battle I wanted to yell “Sure and I am Alfred E. Neuman”.Now the powers that be at W G Ventures claims that Wordgirl is like Batman in the parallels that both are them are crime fighters that have hideouts that use computers, are very clever and beat their foes in battle.Now come on anyone with a glimmer of intelligence knows that any script writer with any ounce of brain cells that functions know that if Superman wanted to beat Batman like a drum in battle, he would take him out than you can say “Roberto Duran Gymnasium.”But since Batman is an Earthling and Superman is from Krypton, the script writers will have Batman winning the battle.  Please WG Ventures according to Liz Breen who was the associate producer of Wordgirl on her Tumblr account told the Wordgirl fans, some of the writers of Wordgirl are Batman and Twin Peaks fans. So maybe that is why you see Wordgirl who is a Superman parody according to Wikipedia is close to Batman as a kindred spirits.Comparing Wordgirl as the World’s Greatest Detective is like saying that my original characters The Ladies Of Portobelo (Donna and Debi Moreno and Gabrielle Squirrel) are the children of the Three Stooges.News source is and the image is courtesy of

Source: Batman better than Superman?


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