Cleveland Cavaliers having a rough time in 2017

Welcome to my first edition of the National Basketball Association blog. The subject matter is ESPN darling and Cleveland Cavaliers basketball superstar LeBron “King” James.The Cleveland Cavaliers did win their first National Basketball Association Championship in the 2015-2016 basketball season by beating the Golden State Warriors in seven game in a best of seven series.Okay LeBron I guess you should know by now just because you did win your third NBA title and first with your hometown team last year, the chances of repeating as basketball champion becomes harder due to the fact that the other teams in the league wants to be the next basketball champion.I know LeBron makes comments to the media that paint him as a villain like he is not happy that the Cavaliers have not reloaded their roster with the talent of players like the Golden State Warriors did when they signed Kevin Durant as a free agent in the off season.What makes me laugh that LeBron James fans defend their super star player with remarks like “Haters gonna hate.” when his remarks that he is not happy with the performance of his team this year paint him as a know it all. Give him a break. He wants to win another title for hometown team.The straw that broke the camel’s back when the Cavaliers lost to the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans Louisiana without the services of star forward Anthony Davis.The Cavaliers losing a basketball game to the Pelicans is like Squirrel Girl defeated in a battle against the Crimson Grasshopper.Do not panic King James, I am sure that the Cavaliers management team will send you some quality players to support the team mission to repeat as National Basketball Association Champions before the end of the current basketball season.After all you are the face of the National Basketball Association. You fans can call me a ‘whiner’ for calling you out on Facebook that “You should be getting your brownie points for your charity work at the NBA All Star Game in Toronto last year.”I have learned to embrace the puny remarks of people in the social media because I have Wordgirl on my super hero team. My tongue firmly in my cheek of course.  News source is Fox Sports and the image is from

Source: Cleveland Cavaliers having a rough time in 2017


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