Can Dwyane Wade fire up his mates?

One thing I have learned about sports stars is when they put out a great effort to win a basketball game and their teammates according to the star player in this case Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwayne Wade and forward Jimmy Butler are making headlines for their anger that some of their teammates on the Bulls basketball team in their view just do not care enough to do their part to win basketball games. Case in point after the Bulls (23-24) lost their latest basketball game to the Atlanta Hawks (27-19) by a final score of 119-114 on Wednesday. Wade was angrier than a hornet over the latest loss to the Hawks as he had his chat with the media after the game that was played at United Center in Chicago Illinois.I have learned that when a coach or player blows their top after a game that they felt they should have won, it makes the highlight reels of the ahem sports shows that are supposed to entertain us with the results of the contests.Wade who has three National Basketball Association (NBA) Championship rings with the Miami Heat joined the Bulls before the start of the 2016-2017 basketball season after his tenure with the Miami Heat that began in 2003 came to an end.   The question is will Wade’s blow up at his teammates will light a fire so they can assist him and Jimmy Butler get their grooves back so the Bulls can make a playoff run before the end of the current basketball season?You know the saying “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” It is fun for the sports casters on television showing on their talk shows their favorite sports stars blow off some steam.My reaction is what the late comedian Chespirito would say when he played the orphan on The Kid From Number Eight who was eight years of age when he played the character which was “Don’t get mad.” Keep it up sports stars, when you get mad over losing a sports event, I remember what my late mom once said “People lost everything in the Big Flood.”News source is and the image is from  

Source: Can Dwyane Wade fire up his mates?


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