Control you anger Enes Kanter

Hello everyone to another sports blog about the National Basketball Association (NBA).The subject of this blog is Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter who made the error of losing his cool during a basketball game versus the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday.The result of Kanter of punching a chair on the bench during the game versus the Mavericks was a broken forearm when he punched a chair in an act of anger.Kanter will likely miss two months of playing basketball as a result of his anger problem that could have been avoided had he not decided to take out his anger on a folding chair.Even though I am not old enough to remember former New York Yankees and New York Mets manager the late Casey Stengel, I do remember reading in a baseball book when his star outfielder the late Mickey Mantle who like Stengel was before my time, took out his anger at a water cooler when he struck out during a baseball game.Stengel who was nicknamed The Professor due to his knowledge of baseball told Mantle “The water cooler did not strike you son.”Okay I know that sports stars are human beings and in the heat of battle they either cuss during post game interviews when their team loses a game due to an official making a call against them or their team or the lack of a supporting cast to win another sports championship.But punching a piece of furniture can be disastrous to your health. Not to second guess Enes since I am not a professional athlete but hopefully he will remember that there is no “I” in team.Kanter did have surgery on his broken right forearm on Friday. Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery and return to play basketball when he is eligible.News source is and the image is from

Source: Control you anger Enes Kanter


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