Is Odell Beckham Jr misunderstood?

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Junior who has played wide receiver for the team since his rookie year in 2014 is one very interesting sports person to put in mildly.Beckham according to Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant believes the press that covers the Giants wide receiver thinks that despite the odd way he plays the game of professional football is misunderstood.Now I am not a head shrink but Beckham has done some off the wall antics on the football field and off like some of his end zone celebrations like kneeling down in front of a goal post on the sideline where the place kicker practices his field goals in an act of proposing marriage. Now that is an act of an oddball who is a role model to young kids who look up as their football hero who whether Odell likes it or not will mimic some of his actions.The one hot point that got Odell some media attention was when he went on a boat in Miami Florida with his teammate Victor Cruz the week before the Giants playoff game versus the Green Bay Packers in the National Football Conference Playoffs (NFC) instead of getting ready for the playoff game with his teammates in Green Bay Wisconsin where the “frozen tundra” of Lambeau Field has been known for taking down many opponents of the Packers.Odell has been second guessed for his poor performance in the playoff loss to the Packers since many felt Beckham did not go a very good job of preparing for a playoff game.It reminds of the saying of the late actor Burgess Meredith who played the role of the Penguin in the Batman television series which is “Business before pleasure.”I mean after the loss to the Packers in the NFC Playoff Game Beckham in an act of anger punched a wall in the in the visitors locker room. Gee whiz and the media makes U S gymnast Gabby Douglas the villain of the year when she did not place her hand over heart during the playing of the National Anthem during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro when her mates of the Final Five won the team gold medal.Bryant believes that Beckham wants to win and he fails to perform his best during a football game that his team loses, he goes bonkers.If I were the commissioner of the National Football League I would have a sign in all dressing rooms around the league that reads “Nobody who ever gave his best ever regretted it.” which was a quote by the late George S Halas who was the former head coach of the Chicago Bears. Come on Dez losing a football game is not the end of the world. Players in all major sports should learn to control their tempers after a loss in a sports event. Easier said than done I know.News source is Fox and the image comes from 

Source: Is Odell Beckham Jr misunderstood?


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