There is no I in team in Steelers country

It is evident that the Pittsburgh Steelers management will not tolerate any football player on their team that does not know the meaning of the slogan “There is no ‘I’ in team.”Case in point is Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown who is one of their top wide receivers on their team is staring to wear out his welcome with his coaches and teammates by having a “Hey look at me” demeanor with his end zone dances that would put the Solid Gold Dancers to shame.A report from Pittsburgh Post Gazette reporter Ed Bouchette is suggesting that unless Brown starts to quit being the center of attention by breaking team rules like his Facebook Live appearance after the Steelers win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the American Football Conference Divisional Playoffs in the locker room after the game while his coach Mike Tomlin gave his team a post game speech that was supposed to be a private conversation between and his teammates, his days with the Steelers could be numbered since he will become a free agent at the end of the 2017 football season.What I know of the Steelers organization is that they run a tight ship and players that do not fit their image will not playing football for them when their contact is up since a player who gets in trouble with the league rules of the National Football League will be playing for some other team in the league.Funny thing that in the information age a lot of people want to act like hams in front of a camera instead of wanting some privacy. Remember the saying of the late actor Burgess Meredith when he played the Penguin on the Batman television series “Business before pleasure.” Okay so many of the football stars today do not remember the Batman television series that by today’s standards is considered “campy.”News sources Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Image is from

Source: There is no I in team in Steelers country


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