Advice to LeBron James on being criticized

Welcome to another edition of the Over The Hill Ancon Member sports and humor blog for Tuesday. The subject matter is that the latest installment of the National Basketball Association (NBA) version of the soap opera “As The Cavaliers World Turns.”Former NBA superstar and television commentator Charles Barkley who is not afraid to say what is on his mind has called out Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron “King” James a “whiner” for LeBron speaking out on a lack of support of his basketball team.How does our superstar basketball player react to Barkley calling him a “whiner”? James goes a rant that Barkley is trying to ruin his legacy of his service in the league.Okay so Charles Barkley will not win any awards for being Saint Charles anytime soon due to his past behavior but come on LeBron first of all “He is without sin cast the first stone.”The way I would have handled Barkley calling me a “whiner” is simply tell Charles in a polite voice which is easier said than done is to tell Barkley “I am a whiner. So what?”Come on NBA stars past and present tune in to the Wordgirl animated movie which came in 2012 called “The Rise Of Miss Power” which is on PBS Kids in which our hero Wordgirl with the help of her monkey partner Captain Huggyface managed to beat Miss Power by not allowing her former mentor who had intentions of ruling Earth with the preteen hero with an iron fist by ignoring her insults of being “Weak Girl” or “You are too small.” by simply telling her foe the opposite of what she said which neutralized her harsh comments.LeBron’s temper blowup with his team reminds me of Mad Magazine which I read in the 1970s when a baseball manager had an argument with an umpire.When the umpire told the manager of the baseball team something like “Your team is up with ten runs. What is your beef with me?”The manager answered to the umpire during the argument “I wanted to get some air time on television.”Okay so the defending NBA champions are in a small slump right now and they are not in danger of not making it to playoffs at this time. Maybe James has not learned the life lesson of embracing hateful comments and focus on playing his game with a smile that would make a beauty queen jealous.Keep it up NBA stars with your silly feuds, I need to get some laughter back in my system since my favorite comedians have passed away.News source Yahoo News and the image is from

Source: Advice to LeBron James on being criticized


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