Super Bowl LI Hoopla (Yawn)

Welcome everyone to another sports blog from the Over The Hill Ancon Member just being thankful that the Super Bowl LI hype week so far has not raised any eyebrows from the football players or coaches getting what the self righteous media calls “Foot in the mouth disease.” for speaking up on controversial subjects like politics or race relations. The concern that the officials of the National Football League are having is that the ratings of the pro football games fell down in 2016 due to the controversy of some football players not standing up during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.Okay I am 55 years of age and I am a firm believer that when you get knocked down get back on your feet and continue to pursue your dreams of being successful in life with the talent you have and not cry “He hit me.” If I were the powers that be that run the National Football League remember it is the fans who pay the salary of the players and if they call themselves entertainers forgive me if I do not confuse you to the remaining members of The Beatles who are still alive like Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.I mean why have football games in London in the United Kingdom or Mexico City Mexico during the regular season? I am surprised that the powers that be at the National Football League have not scheduled any football games at a stadium in Panama City Panama since my cousins who live in the countryside of that small nation would not recognize Tom Brady if he showed in his football uniform.  Fans have a right to have their say in enjoying grown guys playing a tough sport than can end their careers with a vicious tackle faster than Wordgirl says “Word Up.” by telling the players to take their protests somewhere else than a football field.Maybe that so called  Worldwide Leader In Sports in Bristol Connecticut with their talk shows that deal with the dark side of football may have been a factor in the decline of the sport’s popularity on television due to the internet and other toys that are being used by the youngsters today.What I mean the dark side of football are several former football players who have gone on record as saying they would not allow their children to play football due to the dangers of getting a concussion playing the game.Best of luck to both of the football players of the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots during the football game. Just hope and pray that the halftime singer Lady Gaga does not sing any tunes putting down the police like Beyonce did last year.When I suggested getting a singer with a good guy or good gal image for the Super Bowl halftime show, I got a reply on that the singers that I grew with up either in the 1970s have died or are too old for the audiences of today.Have fun National Football League taking the fun of the game by bringing in  musical artists that like to play with fire with their controversial images that have gained the ire of some right wing talk show host on their television shows on Fox News.     News source is and the image is from

Source: Super Bowl LI Hoopla (Yawn)


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