Why Superman will never rub out Batman

Hello everyone to another edition of the super hero edition of the two male super heroes who are the icons of D C Comics which are Superman and Batman.A question was asked on Quora.com what would happen if Superman rubbed out Batman in battle.The answer is that Superman despite not being very friendly with the hero Batman who is known by his nicknames The World’s Greatest Detective and The Dark Knight would never having a sane mind ever rub out his best friend.Okay so in the motion picture “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice”, the two heroes did have a battle against each other but the only reason that I know from my sources is that both Bruce Wayne who is secretly Batman and Clark Kent who is secretly Superman share the first name of their mothers which is Martha.   Could you see Robin (Richard Grayson) say “Holy coincidences Batman.”? Here is the kicker I have seen in the animated cartoons when Superman has turned rogue like in the “Superman The Animated Series” finale called “Legacy”, it was his cousin Supergirl that was able to get her cousin to see the errors of his ways.The catch would  be if Batman was rubbed out by Superman who would have turned rogue, there would so much chaos in Gotham City since the Dark Knight would not be around to battle the villains.Then the planet Earth would have to fear an evil Superman who could if he wanted to make Miss Power who is the villain in the Wordgirl movie “The Rise Of Miss Power” like an angel by comparison.The Justice League would have to attempt to stop a rogue Superman and hopefully beat him in battle or rub him out.Thankfully that I am aware of Batman has not been rubbed out by Superman in battle.The event that Superman rubs out Batman in battle will happen when Batwoman, Wordgirl, Captain Huggyface, Donna and Debi Isthmus and Panama Squirrel are guest stars on the Supergirl television series. That will never happen.I guess my satire side of me will never go away since when I was a teenager living in Panama I did not know that Mad and Cracked magazine were satire magazines which poked fun at television shows and movies of the day,News source is Quora.com and the image is from Pinterest.com

Source: Why Superman will never rub out Batman


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Online journalist and cartoon fan of Word Girl, Justice League of America, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and old school super heroes. If I what say offends you. Too bad.
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