Kevin Love is not leaving Cleveland

The news media sure likes to see Cleveland Cavaliers superstar player LeBron “King ” James get upset over the prospects that he (James) wants to have New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony to join his team via trade for Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love so that the Cavaliers can increase their chances of defending their National Basketball Association (NBA) title this year.James who has been criticized by the fans and media as being the real head coach of the basketball team denies the report from the New York Daily News as “trash”.Advice to LeBron is this. The media adores you as the best player on the planet Earth but they also like a soundbite for their television shows of seeing you get upset of lies that report in their newspapers about the trade between the Cavaliers and Knicks that has much of happening as Superman returning to Krypton since in the words of my original character Panama Squirrel “Krypton went poof.”The Cavaliers are still in contention to make it to the NBA Playoffs as the first seed with their current lineup so do not panic Cavaliers fans since LeBron knows that his general manager David Griffin is trying to get the pieces of the puzzle together for another championship run.What that reporter for the New York Daily News is doing is trying to sell newspapers by writing that story so LeBron and his mates and coaches would blow their lids at the media.LeBron and company remember this rule. When you swim in the ocean, there will be fishes as well as sharks. Not every media reporter will bow down to you and kiss your ring.Just have a good laugh at these news reporters who are trying to rattle your cage and tell them something like “Sure and Wordgirl is my next door neighbor who can define the meaning of the word bonzer which means wonderful. Like my relationship with you.”Just watch those reporters and your critics fall down like bowling pins  with your sharp wit and wisdom. It works for me since my critics call me The Joker.News source is and the image is from

Source: Kevin Love is not leaving Cleveland


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