Lighten up Colin Cowherd

I just love some of these Howard Cosell (RIP) wannabees like former ESPN sports commentator and now Fox Sports 1 sports talk show Colin Cowherd.Cowherd on his television show that was on Fox Sports 1 on Wednesday is ticked off that New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was getting off an airplane with the members of the Patriots football team wearing a tee shirt with the likeness of National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell with a clown nose.Gee whiz Colin who died and made you the authority of telling sports stars that you admire or get your kicks of putting down just because you disagree with their attempt to being the next Chespirito (RIP)?If I were Roger Goodell I would have a good laugh that a Patriots assistant coach thinks I am a clown. There is something in America that is called freedom of expression.Some of these sportscasters are so good that getting on the television to spew their hate of teams and fans that they hate like Stephen A Smith who is on the ESPN talk show “First Take.” admitting he hates the Dallas Cowboys.Come on Colin making Patricia a villain because in your world you think Matt Patricia is the next Rex Ryan and not the next Bill Belicheck. Are you suddenly the next Charles Xavier of the X Men show? I do not think so.  Do us a favor Colin and try to be objective in reporting the sports news like umpires call balls and strikes. Down the middle of the road. Just give me another good reason to turn off the television in the morning since in my view of life, it is too short to have petty things that people do rattle your cage so can you use your air time on television to act like a spoiled child that did not a pony for your birthday.     Nevertheless thank goodness football season is over since the New England Patriots whether you like it or not are the Super Bowl 51 champions. And that is the bottom line because it is a fact.Gee whiz the National Football League is now becoming a soap opera called “As The Madness Continues.”News source is and the image is from

Source: Lighten up Colin Cowherd


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