Why J Jonah Jameson despises Spider Man

Welcome once again to another blog of my admiration of super heroes who are fictional characters and not the sports heroes that the sports media markets down our throats.One of the super heroes who I remember watching on television was the Amazing Spider Man which played from 1967-1970. I enjoyed seeing the hero who as a teenager gained his powers when he was bitten by a radioactive spider when he was in school.The relationship between Peter Parker who is secretly Spider Man and his boss at the Daily Bugle the honorable J Jonah Jameson who is the editor in chief or publisher depending on which writer is in charge of the show was not exactly bosom buddy city.On Quora.com the answers on why Jameson despises Spider Man is due to jealousy that Spider Man is the person that Jameson will never be. A hero.Another version of the conflict between Spider Man and Jameson is that Jameson needs a villain to sell his newspapers and Spider Man in his view of the world is his villain despite Spider Man doing his best to save the people he has sworn to protect without being paid a salary.One version of the conflict came from the Fox cartoon series when Spider Man was reading Jameson the riot act inside his office and Jameson remembered a phone call from a person who wore a mask threatening him to lay off exposing crime in New York City or else he would be harmed.Then Jameson remembered that fateful day when a masked hit man driving an auto next to Jameson’s auto fired a shot that hit a female passenger instead of Johan. The fate of the female passenger was shot by the masked man was not known is she perished or not. At that point Jameson swore to hate anyone who threatens him who wears a mask since he is a firm believer in freedom of the depressed I mean press.    What I have noticed is that different writers who are in charge of a super hero characters and his or her supporting cast have their views of the characters that they write about.For example in my view of Wordgirl, she has a knockout punch that would make a female ultimate fighter look tame by comparison due to my admiration of the Rocky Balboa characters when she pulls her punches on her rivals.It beats the updated version of the Batman characters in the cartoons “Under The Red Hood” and “The Killing Joke” when Robin and Batgirl hit their foes in the groin area with their feet. I guess boxing in America did die.I yell at the television “This is not lucha libre kiddies. Above the waist area next time.” Lucha libre is Spanish for free fight which is pro wrestling in Latin American nations.Story source is Quora.com and the image is from Marvel.com

Source: Why J Jonah Jameson despises Spider Man


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