Los Angeles Chargers hire Richard Smith to coach linebackers

Welcome once again to another sports blog for Monday from the humble satire writer.Former Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator Richard Smith who was terminated by the National Football Conference Champions after their meltdown blowing a 28-3 lead to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51 has landed on his feet as the linebackers coach of the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday.Okay I understand that the Falcons could not fire their head coach Dan Quinn after losing Super Bowl 51 to the Patriots in overtime but I just am scratching my head on why Smith was fired since many sports reporters who have never played professional football will defend Smith by saying he was not football on the field during the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots.Smith will be working under rookie Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn as his linebackers coach during the 2017 football season.What makes me laugh is that during one of the Fox Sports 1 or I call them ESPN Light since a lot of their current sportscasters were employed by ESPN is that Rob Parker who was on one the Fox Sports 1 talk shows last week said something to the effect that the Falcons meltdown during Super Bowl 51 was worse than actor Adam West playing the role of Batman.Come on Rob Parker if you do not like the Batman television series “Batman” that ran of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) from 1966-1968 because of the humor of the show, I understand that. But I can see Adam saying to you “If I was the worst actor to play Batman, does that make actor George Clooney who played the Dark Knight the next Dolph Lundgren?” Ha ha ha.News source is Rotoworld.com and the image is from Pinterest.com  

Source: Los Angeles Chargers hire Richard Smith to coach linebackers


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