Don’t get mad, get even at irate Thunder fans

Welcome once again to the National Basketball Association sports blog concerning current Golden State Warriors small forward Kevin Durant who joined the Warriors prior to the start of the 2016-17 basketball season as a free agent.Wanda Durant who is the mother of Kevin has learned that famous lesson of “Don’t get mad, get even” when she trolled irate Oklahoma City Thunder fans who insulted her son at the Chesapeake Energy Arena on Saturday night for all things leaving the local team to join the enemy Golden State Warriors as a free agent.First of all Thunder fans, Kevin Durant decided to leave the team he started his professional basketball career in 2007 with the Seattle SuperSonics before they moved to Oklahoma City in 2008 because he wanted to get an National Basketball Association championship ring before he retired and he exercised his right to not renew his contract with the Thunder at the end of the 2015-16 basketball season.I will give Wanda her praise for trolling Thunder fans after the Warriors beat the Thunder by a final score of 130-114 on Saturday evening in Oklahoma City.Fans of the Thunder called Durant a “cupcake” for leaving his former team to play for the Warriors. It did not faze Kevin since his team won the basketball game against his former team.Wanda to her credit is now wearing a cupcake tee shirt as a way of telling Thunder fans “My son did not get mad, he got even.” Of course members of the Golden State Warriors basketball team wore the tee shirt as a way of sticking it to the Thunder fans. Stay classy Warriors.  Just remember sports fans that your favorite basketball player who leaves his hometown team for another team they tell you “If you were in my shoes and you were offered a deal you could not pass up, you would take it in a heartbeat.”   News source is and the image is from

Source: Don’t get mad, get even at irate Thunder fans


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