San Diego Padres sign pitcher Jered Weaver

Former Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim right handed starting pitcher Jered Weaver, 34, who is the younger brother of former Major League starting pitcher Jeff Weaver has signed a one year, $3 million dollar contract with the San Diego Padres on Saturday.Weaver had pitched for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim from 2006-2016 before he was allowed to hit the free agent trail at the end of the 2016 Major League Baseball season.The Padres needed the services of Weaver who will provide veteran leadership to their starting pitching staff in 2017.Weaver despite his age feels that pitching for the Padres who are currently in a rebuilding mode is what he needs to revive his prowess as one of the top starting pitchers during his tenure with the Angels until back injuries have slowed down his amazing starting pitching performances in recent years.A healthy Weaver will fill the need of the Padres who need at least one starting pitcher who can pitching deep into baseball games to ease up the use of the Padres relief pitchers on the team during the 2017 Major League Baseball season. Okay so Jered is not going to get the Padres into playoff contention but at least he will provide time for the team to their pitchers on their team who will be working on their minor league teams in 2017 to be ready to join the Major League team in the near future.One more benefit of Weaver pitching in San Diego. He gets to pitch for a team that is in his home state of California.News source is from and the image is from

Source: San Diego Padres sign pitcher Jered Weaver


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