LeBron James and Stephen Curry not rivals?

I just wonder if the world is going mad or in the today’s National Basketball Association world has changed from the 1980s. Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry who were born in Akron Ohio are considered the top two players in the National Basketball Association of recent years since their teams have met in the National Basketball Association Finals in the last two seasons with the series being tied at one championship apiece.James insists he does not have a personal rivalry with Stephen Curry as the Eastern Conference All Stars will take on the Western Conference All Stars in New Orleans on Sunday.Now that is a very interesting train of thoughts coming from James. I am just starting to wonder if James lives in another planet other than Earth or did the remarks of his teammate Kyrie Irving who claims the planet Earth is flat.Either James is from the kinder and gentler sports star or maybe he does one common thread with Curry. They both despise President Donald Trump as the leader of the free world.Maybe the game has passed me by when sports stars played their basketball games without bringing the sensitive issue of politics in sports.Come on guys saying that is no bad blood between the Cavaliers and Warriors basketball teams is like saying ESPN is a conservative sports network.Just ask former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling for the answer. He believes that ESPN after he was terminated has gone left politically which has turned me off from watching the majority of their sports talk shows.Have fun New Orleans hosting the National Basketball Association All Star Game since Showtime with your favorite basketball stars will be in full force.One deal is for real though. James cannot be the number one sports star if he did not have someone to compete against him like Curry.News source is The Sporting News and the image is from Pinterest.com

Source: LeBron James and Stephen Curry not rivals?


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