If Batman had Superman’s powers

The idea of this blog for Thursday came from a question in the Quora.com website what would happen if the Dark Knight who is also known as Batman would have the powers of the Man Of Steel alias Superman. The answer would be that the updated version of Batman in the comic books, movies and cartoons would be that if Batman had the super powers of Superman, crime in Gotham City would take a severe nosedive since Batman would have the power of flight, super speed, extreme super strength to take down the villains of Gotham City faster than you can say “Word Up.”The updated Batman character which is a far cry from the version that actor Adam West played on television is that Batman would take the life of a criminal as a last resort while Superman who is an alien from Krypton would not take out a person even if they were evil except it was a last resort.The answer from the comic book fans who have read the Batman as Superman stories in the comic books would be that Batman would suffer a nervous breakdown as a result of having powers that he could be able to handle for a long time.Good thing Superman is the Krypton Boy Scout and a good guy with flaws of caring too much for people in his adopted planet Earth after Krypton was destroyed a long time ago.Us older Superman fans like the hero who stands for “Truth Justice And The American Way.” whether it is politically correct or not in this age.I will respect the view of super hero fans who like there heroes as anti heroes or tough guys but give me a saint like Superman since if you tell him to back to his native planet Krypton he would tell you with his tongue firmly in cheek “Krypton was destroyed and the Lexiconians are afraid I will take over.”Lexicon is the home planet of PBS Kids hero Wordgirl who I have billed in some of my satirical fan fictions as the “niece” of Superman. Blog source is Quora.com and the image is from Pinterest.com

Source: If Batman had Superman’s powers


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Online journalist and cartoon fan of Word Girl, Justice League of America, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and old school super heroes. If I what say offends you. Too bad.
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