Stay classy Golden State Warriors

I just love it when the Golden State Warriors are starting to act like they own the National Basketball Association roost even though they are the defending Western Conference Champions of the National Basketball Association.Case in point is Los Angeles Clippers is Paul Pierce who is the small forward who is in his final season of playing basketball in the National Basketball Association and is one of the quieter stars in the league.Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green during the first minutes of the basketball game that was played at the Oracle Center in Oakland California started to insult Pierce that he was not going to have a farewell tour like former Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant who was a superstar player in the league from 1996-2016.Okay Draymond not every basketball player in the league is in the media darling that Bryant was but come on show some class to players who decide that they are happy just being one of the players on the team.The funny thing is that Pierce was sitting on the bench while Green was on the court. Such a brave player he is talking trash from a distance to Pierce.Sure the Warriors won the basketball game by a final score of 123-113 but Paul Pierce knows that old slogan “He who laughs last understands the joke of the late comedian Red Skelton.”Pierce on his Twitter account reminded Green and his Warriors teammates that despite winning 73 regular season game in the 2015-16 National Basketball Association regular season, the Warriors lost a 3-1 series lead in the 2016 NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers losing their last games.Now Draymond Green go get some humble pie and keep up your antics on the court. I am just amused that the Golden State Warriors are trying out to be the new bad guys of basketball. What Pierce said in his Twitter account is the plain truth. Case closed. Learn to respect your elders.News source is The Los Angeles Times and the image is from

Source: Stay classy Golden State Warriors


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