New York Jets release Center Nick Mangold

The New York Jets on Saturday have released their center Jeff Mangold after 11 seasons with the team.Mangold, 33, had one year remaining on his contract with the Jets. The reason that the Jets released Mangold was due to his age and the fact that the team is looking at a new direction when the 2017 football season begins.Mangold was a first round draft choice of the New York Jets in the 2006 National Football League Draft out of the Ohio State University.Now that Mangold has joined the free agent market, due to his great reputation as a steady football player on the offensive side of the football, I am sure a playoff team will more than happy to give Nick a chance to play for a playoff contender in 2017.The salary cap is responsible for many of the football players who are paid huge salaries to play for football teams being released at this time of the offseason.The bright side is that Mangold despite his age still has some gas left in his tank to play for another football pretty soon. News source and the image is from

Source: New York Jets release Center Nick Mangold


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