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Does Jerry Jones know how to run a football team?

As a closet Dallas Cowboys fan since where I live in really New Orleans Saints and Houston Texas football country, I am starting to wonder if Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will make the right decision to terminate his current … Continue reading

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How to improve the NFL atmosphere

One way to improve the atmosphere of stadiums in the National Football League would be to pump music by Led Zeppelin or KISS in the arenas and turn off the rap and hip hop music that gives the football stadium … Continue reading

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Is Scott Van Pelt prove that Bobby Heenan had children?

For those humanoids who are not familiar with the late former professional wrestler, commentator, manager and author the late Bobby “The Brain” Heenan who passed away earlier this year, he used to call his haters since he was a heel … Continue reading

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Rest in peace David Cassidy (1950-2017)

You talk about tragic events coming in threes. Well it has happened with the deaths of singers Mel Tillis, Della Reese and now David Cassidy who passed away on Tuesday at age 67. Cassidy who was a teenage pop idol … Continue reading

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Did the success of the Arrow show harm Justice League?

It seems to be that when there too many super heroes on television or in the movies will harm one of the entertainment industry. Case in point is that Warner Brothers along with the D C Entertainment Universe move “Justice … Continue reading

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Did the movie fans reject Zack Snyder?

The blog is about the movie “Justice League” which is projected to make around $90 million dollars in the North American theaters by the time the weekend ends. Despite the movie picking up after the end of “Batman V. Superman: … Continue reading

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How Superman The Animated Series should have ended.

The last episode of the “Superman: The Animated Series” ended with the episode called “Legacy” which was the episode where Superman was brain washed by his enemy to believe that his rival Darkseid adopted him as his son. Darkseid was … Continue reading

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