How to improve the NFL atmosphere

One way to improve the atmosphere of stadiums in the National Football League would be to pump music by Led Zeppelin or KISS in the arenas and turn off the rap and hip hop music that gives the football stadium a sour smell of horse urine.

How about when a football team takes the field the song sung by Haddaway “What Is Love?” plays on the loudspeakers inside the football stadiums or even Cher’s song “Do You Believe In Life After Love.” before and during the football games and just watch the humanoids dance to the tunes.

A KISS  I would recommend would be “Rock And Roll All Night.” to give the football fan a feeling of having more bang for your buck.

Of course one real good way to get back at the social justice warriors also known as the protesting football players is to play the Flag Evolution Star Spangled Banner or the Moog Star Spangled Banner.

Come on Roger Goodell and you football owners. Maybe rap and hip hop music is your generation of getting back at us Baby Boomers who grew up with the late Elvis Presley and the Beatles. But this has gone too far.

Oh by the way add some A-Ha and Duran Duran music to those football cathedrals around America and other nations that have football games for the fans to be entertained.


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Online journalist and cartoon fan of Word Girl, Justice League of America, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and old school super heroes. If I what say offends you. Too bad.
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