Are the Three Stooges running the New York Giants?

If you are a New York Giants football fan you are probably scratching your head on why did former New York Giants football coach Bob McAdoo and former general manager Jerry Reese decide to break the hearts of Eli Manning by sitting down there star quarterback last Sunday against the Oakland Raiders?

Come on it is not Eli’s fault that the Giants are 2-10 in the 2017 National Football League season. The Giants had a tougher schedule this year and without any quality wide receivers like Odell Beckham Junior who suffered a broken ankle early in the season and a poor rushing attack Eli could not lead his team to some more wins this year.

What makes me laugh is when the football talking heads were shaking their heads that Geno Smith would replace Manning as the starting quarterback my thoughts were “Come on you humanoids, it is only a football game.”

Then to really hit the ball out of the Rod Carew Stadium bleachers in the outfield in Panama City Panama, the same talking heads are saying that the Mannings are the Royal Family of the Nausea Football League. Sure and there have been sightings of the late Donna Summer at an ESSO gasoline station in Panama City Panama near the Little River neighborhood pumping gasoline last week.

Gee whiz Eli if you wanted to keep your streak alive past 210 games you should have played the first half of the game against the Raiders. But no you had to ride the pines while the talking heads were saying “Why? Bob Why?”

But then again thanks to the squeaky wheels football players who raise their fist in the air during the playing of the American National Anthem since 2016, I have decided to dedicate my time writing those fan fictions of The Lexicon Bandits featuring Wordgirl and Captain Huggyface.


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Online journalist and cartoon fan of Word Girl, Justice League of America, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and old school super heroes. If I what say offends you. Too bad.
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