Has the game passed me by?

Hello everyone on this wonderful Monday for another blog of my soul searching of super hero cartoons or shows.  One example is that I have a had choice to see a super hero cartoon movie or series like “Superman and Batman: Public Enemies”, “All Star Superman”, “Wordgirl: The Rise of Miss Power” or “The Fantastic Four” to a live action adventure movies like the Star Wars franchise, or the D C and Marvel super hero movies which I would like to see first?The answer is give me the cartoons movies or series that I have in my DVD collection. The reason is that the majority of the actor and actresses who do the voice of the cartoon characters are not in front of the camera or appear on the entertainment shows.One negative I have with some of the celebrities who either do cartoon or motion pictures is when I thank them on Twitter or Facebook, I hear crickets from them. Insert joke here.But if I have the courage of a lion to tweet a movie website that an actor or actress who plays either a cartoon movie or action adventure is “overrated” and their “movies stunk”, I endure the wrath of Hell from them with tweets like “How you live with yourself?”As you can tell one saying I live with is “Has the game passed me by?” since I find it hard to watch television hero shows like “Supergirl”, “Arrow” and “The Flash” since the updated version of these shows are not fathers super hero shows.And yet since I am probably one of the oldest Wordgirl fans and I did confess to her on her Wordgirl Live Twitter page that mental giant (joking) thought I was pulling her leg due to my age (55).Okay I confess that I am not a fan of abusive language or jokes about someone’s body shape or even characters deaths on the hero shows, Wordgirl or shows from the 1960s and 1970s are okay with me.     Perhaps I have taken the advice of Thomas Jefferson which is “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” Advice that we can live by.Oh by the way advice to my enemies, keep ignoring me when I kiss your ring because you helped me create one super power for Debi Isthmus. She can turn invisible for a period of one minute since she tends to be ignored by her mates for being a female Joker.Image source is Pinterest.com

Source: Has the game passed me by?

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Seattle Seahawks special team player Devin Hester news

Welcome once again to the latest sports blog from the Ancon Over The Hill Team member for Sunday. Former Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks special team player Devin Hester, 34, has likely played his last football game in the National Football League after 11 seasons.Hester has one regret that in 11 seasons playing in the National Football League, he was never able to win at least Super Bowl ring.The Seahawks signed him to a contract on January 3, 2017 to replace special team returner Tyler Lockett to a broken leg.The Seahawks quest to return to Super Bowl 51 ended in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta when the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Seahawks 36-20 in the National Football Conference Divisional Playoff Game on Saturday.In my opinion Hester is making the right decision to walk away from playing football in the National Football League since he is still healthy. Even though he has not officially retired from the league. It is better to leave a sport that you love to play in one piece than be on those dramatic sports stories that are starting to bore me of sports stars that stayed in the game they loved for a longer period of time than they should have.Hester leaves the game of American football with 20 touchdowns in his role of a special team player on kickoffs and punt returns.News source: The News Tribune and the image is courtesy of Pinterest.com     

Source: Seattle Seahawks special team player Devin Hester news

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Jon Gruden turned down the Indianapolis Colts coaching offer

Welcome to another edition of the Never Say Never Again version of the National Football League coach stories.  Former Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden denied reports that Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay contacted him to become the head coach of his football team.ESPN.com reporter Adam Schefter reports on his Twitter account on Saturday that Jim Irsay did speak to Gruden to leave his work at ESPN as a football commentator for their Monday Night Football games but Gruden politely told Irsay he is happy working with the Worldwide Leader In Sports (laugh out loud) and he does not plan to leave the Disney owned network to become a head coach again.Words of advice is simply when an owner of a football team gives his coach his vote of confidence like Irsay gave his current head coach Chuck Pagano he would return to coach the Colts in 2017, he decided to take a chance to get Jon Gruden back into coaching in the National Football League once again.It remains to be seen if Gruden decides to enter the head coaching ranks in the near future or is happy seeing the game from the broadcast booth like I have taken the road of writing Wordgirl fan fictions to a handful of her fans on Devianart and Archive Of Our Own instead of writing scripts for W G Ventures which was a pain in the rear end since their view of my original characters the Isthmus Sisters was different as night and day.News source is Yahoo! Sports.com and the image is from Pinterest.com

Source: Jon Gruden turned down the Indianapolis Colts coaching offer

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Anthony Lynn set to be the next Chargers head coach

Hello everyone to the Friday edition of the National Football League sports blog which is about the Los Angeles Chargers.  A report from Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports on Friday informs us sports fans the Los Angeles Chargers will hire former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator and interim head coach Anthony Lynn to succeed Mike McCoy who was terminated by the Chargers at the end of the 2016 football season after coaching the team for four seasons.Lynn other than being an interim head coach of the Bills has never been a head coach in the National Football League since he has been an assistant coach with the Denver Broncos from 2000-2002, Jacksonville Jaguars from 2003-2004, Dallas Cowboys from 2005-2006, Cleveland Browns from 2007-2008,  New York Jets from 2009-2014 and the Buffalo Bills from 2015-2016.Lynn will have the task of rebuilding the Chargers franchise that has never won a Super Bowl and their last playoff appearance was in the 2013 football season.News source is CBSSports.com and the image is from Fanrag.com

Source: Anthony Lynn set to be the next Chargers head coach

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Why Squirrel Girl is undefeated in battle

Welcome to another post from the “Gee whiz you have made a very interesting discovery” post from this Over The Ancon Hill writer for Thursday.  The idea for this blog came from a question that was asked on Quora.com about Marvel super hero Squirrel Girl who is not related to Gabrielle “D D” Squirrel who is secretly the Panama Squirrel.When I found the answer why Squirrel Girl who uses the slogan which is “Eating nuts and kicking butts.” it was shocking to me since when I was youngster harsh language was not allowed on cartoons like the D C and Marvel super hero rosters during the 1970s.Since Squirrel Girl is billed as the “Unbeatable” Squirrel Girl by the Marvel comic book writers as a light hearted hero which is okay with me since I get in trouble with younger fans of heroes today who likes their super heroes with a mean attitude when they beat the bad guys in battle.The reason the Squirrel Girl is undefeated in battle is because the writers of the character like it that way.I do remember former Dallas Cowboys head coach the late Tom Landry saying in an interview on a National Football League Football (NFL) video which I believe was the “NFL Best Ever Teams” something to the effect that he “probably not enjoy his profession” as a football coach if the “Cowboys would in the Super Bowl every year.”Landry said something to the effect that “The challenge of making to the Super Bowl excited him.”I just wonder what would happen if Squirrel Girl did lose to a villain outside of the Marvel Universe? Like say Panama Squirrel?I could see Squirrel Girl reading one of actor Sylvester Stallone quotes from the Rocky Balboa movie which came in 2016 “It ain’t how hard you hit, it’s when you get hit you keep moving forward. See how much you can take. That is winning is all about.”Squirrel Girl then would tell the creator of the Rocky Balboa character “And people call me nuts.” Okay so I am impressed that I found that a writer has control over his or her characters like the Undefeated Squirrel Girl.Idea came from Quora.com and the image is from Pinterest.com

Source: Why Squirrel Girl is undefeated in battle

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Denver Broncos hire Vance Joseph as their new head coach

Denver Broncos general manager John Elway on Wednesday has announced the good news he has hired former Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph to be the successor of Gary Kubiak who stepped down as the Broncos head coach after two seasons due to health concerns that plagued him this football season.  Since Joseph was a former defensive coordinator with the Miami Dolphins in 2016, the change of head coaches going with a defensive specialist is interesting since Kubiak who was the backup quarterback with the Broncos behind John Elway from 1983-1991 was an offensive coach specialist.Joseph, 44, has no previous head coaching experience in the National Football League level but he will have a chance to work with the Denver Broncos defense that lead the team to their third Super Bowl championship in 2015.The Broncos in 2017 will be relying on their defense to get them back into playoff contention after they did qualify to make the playoffs in 2016 with a record on nine wins and seven losses. News source is NFL.com and the image is from Pinterest.com

Source: Denver Broncos hire Vance Joseph as their new head coach

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Mike Smith a coaching candidate for Jacksonville

Current Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Mike Smith has emerged as a leading head coaching candidate for the vacant Jacksonville Jaguars head coaching job that was formerly  head by Gus Bradley until he terminated on December 18, 2016 after coaching the team from 2013-2016.One reason Smith has is a favorite to be the next head football coach of the Jaguars is due to the fact that the current Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell worked with Smith while they worked together with the Atlanta Falcons from 2008-2012 while Smith was the head coach of the team until he was terminated at the end of the 2014 football season.Smith was the defensive coordinator of the Jaguars under former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio from 2003-2007. Del Rio is now the head coach of the Oakland Raiders.It appears that if the Jaguars hire Smith to replace Bradley as their new head coach, the team philosophy will be to have a coach that is defensive minded specialist.Not to throw rain on the parade on Jacksonville Jaguars fans but Smith has never led the Falcons to a Super Bowl during his tenure with the team from 2008-2014 if you are expecting to make it to a Super Bowl berth in the near future but hopefully the Jaguars will not be the laughing stock of the National Football League either.News source is Rotoworld.com and the image is from Pinterest.com

Source: Mike Smith a coaching candidate for Jacksonville

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