Houston Astros reach a one year deal with OF Carlos Beltran

The Houston Astros on Saturday have reached a one year, $16 million dollar contract with former Texas Rangers outfielder Carlos Beltran.Beltran, 39, has played in the Major Leagues with the Kansas City Royals, Houston Astros, New York Mets, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees and Texas Rangers since he made his debut in the Majors in 1998 with Royals.The New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox were outbid by the Astros for the services of the 39 year old outfielder that will be useful for the Astros as an outfielder and designated hitter since the American League does have a designated hitter rule.Beltran despite his age will be a very valuable player as a mentor to the younger players on the Astros during the 2017 Major League Baseball season. The Astros are paying him his huge salary for one season where his batting average of .295 with 29 home runs and 93 runs batted in with the Rangers in the 2016 baseball season impressed the crosstown rivals of the Rangers.News source is Rotoworld.com and the image is from Google.com

Source: Houston Astros reach a one year deal with OF Carlos Beltran

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Denver Broncos will start rookie Paxton Lynch as their QB

Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak has selected rookie Paxton Lynch to be his starting quarterback on Sunday December 4, 2016 when the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9) host the defending Super Bowl champions at EverBank Field in Jacksonville Florida.   Denver Broncos starting quarterback Trevor Siemian suffered a sprain on his left foot last Sunday during the Broncos overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver Colorado.Kubiak decided to sit out Siemian since he is thinking long term by not having Siemian make his next start with a foot injury which could get worse playing football against the Jaguars who are going to be in playoff contention but will be playing a spoiler role for all teams that in contention to make a playoff run this year.Lynch was a first round draft choice of the Denver Broncos in the 2016 National Football League Draft out of the University of Memphis. He will making his second start of his career against the Jaguars.Lynch made his first start of his career in the National Football League during the fifth week of the current regular football season versus the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons won that game by a final score of 23-16 in Denver.Now Lynch has a chance to improve the chances of keeping the Broncos in playoff contention by leading his team to a win over the Jaguars next Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville.The silver lining in the dark cloud is that Siemian’s injury is not serious enough to keep him out of the lineup for more at one game.News source is NFL.com and image is courtesy of Pinterest.com

Source: Denver Broncos will start rookie Paxton Lynch as their QB

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Gerald McCoy has a legit beef with the NFL

I feel bad for Tampa Bay defensive tackle Gerald McCoy who has a legit beef with the officials on the National Football League.McCoy was quoted as saying “The NFL’s put handcuffs on us.” in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times. due to the officials of the league fining the football players for wearing cleats of their favorite sports stars who have recently passed away or wearing cleats that do not meet the standards of the officials of the National Football League.Come on officials of the National Football League let the players have some fun playing a kids game. The players get paid a huge salary to entertain the paying customer.Could you imagine the powers that be telling figure skaters not to wear some of their costumes or play music that is offensive to some? It would destroy the fun of seeing an ice show. I know that if someone I admired passed away and I wanted to wear cleats to honor their memory, I should have the right to express my views on the football field. There are exceptions of course like wearing cleats of an evil world leader or an evil person that brought misery to the world.My feeling is that the players get paid huge salaries to play in the National Football League but do not clamp down on them because they come to work knowing that one severe tackle could injure them and end their football careers.I just wonder when the average football will wake up and tell officials of the National Football League by a petition or email, the players work their buns off to score a touchdown or make a huge tackle. They have a right to express joy in their accomplishment.  In my I am glad the officials of the National Football League are not in charge of the Pro Bowlers Tour since bowlers are known for getting excited executing a strike or spare shot in bowling since it harder than it looks. I have been there.News source is The Sporting News and the image is from Pinterest.  c

Source: Gerald McCoy has a legit beef with the NFL

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San Francisco 49ers coach Chip Kelly news

Current San Fransisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly who is in first year of coaching the team has no plans to return to coach the University of Oregon football team next year.The Oregon college football program recently terminated their current coach Mark Helfrich who worked under Chip Kelly as his offensive coordinator from 2009-2012 before he succeed Kelly to take over the Ducks football program in 2013.Kelly resigned as the head coach of the Oregon Ducks college football program on January 16, 2013 to accept the head coaching job with the Philadelphia Eagles.Kelly coached the Philadelphia Eagles from 2013-2015 before he was terminated after the 2015 football season after the team ended the regular season with a record of seven wins and nine losses.Kelly did admit he did have a talk with Helfrich after he was terminated as the head coach of the Ducks football program but that is far as Kelly will go to discuss his future plans to return to coach at Oregon in 2017.Kelly is focusing on getting his team that is currently saddled with a regular season record of one win and 10 losses. The next football game that the 49ers will have will be against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago Illinois on Sunday December 4, 2016.It remains to be seen if Kelly will return to coach the 49ers next football season or will he return to coach in the college ranks since he will not have to deal with the controversy of his starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick who has been a lightning rod of controversy for his political stances.Believe me when Kelly says he will not return to coach the Oregon Ducks college football team, he means it since it is highly unlikely the Ducks want him back due to NCAA sanctions that put the Ducks football program under three years probation but no bowl bans in 2013.News sources NBCSports.com and Wikipedia.comImage courtesy of Pinterest.com

Source: San Francisco 49ers coach Chip Kelly news

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