From the Stacks: Sack Race

The Panama Canal Museum Collection at UF

Here we see a mad dash for the finish line in a photo labeled “Margarita MRA sack race.” Can you confirm if “MRA” is the Margarita Recreational Association? What do you know about this group and/or event? What were some other recreational events you attended in the Canal Zone?sackrace004sackrace004

Make sure to join us for the 2018 Panama Canal Society Reunion in Orlando from June 27 – July 1, 2018, where there will be an exhibit about popular culture in the Panama Canal Zone on display. See more information and register here: We hope to see you there!

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Are the Three Stooges running the New York Giants?

If you are a New York Giants football fan you are probably scratching your head on why did former New York Giants football coach Bob McAdoo and former general manager Jerry Reese decide to break the hearts of Eli Manning by sitting down there star quarterback last Sunday against the Oakland Raiders?

Come on it is not Eli’s fault that the Giants are 2-10 in the 2017 National Football League season. The Giants had a tougher schedule this year and without any quality wide receivers like Odell Beckham Junior who suffered a broken ankle early in the season and a poor rushing attack Eli could not lead his team to some more wins this year.

What makes me laugh is when the football talking heads were shaking their heads that Geno Smith would replace Manning as the starting quarterback my thoughts were “Come on you humanoids, it is only a football game.”

Then to really hit the ball out of the Rod Carew Stadium bleachers in the outfield in Panama City Panama, the same talking heads are saying that the Mannings are the Royal Family of the Nausea Football League. Sure and there have been sightings of the late Donna Summer at an ESSO gasoline station in Panama City Panama near the Little River neighborhood pumping gasoline last week.

Gee whiz Eli if you wanted to keep your streak alive past 210 games you should have played the first half of the game against the Raiders. But no you had to ride the pines while the talking heads were saying “Why? Bob Why?”

But then again thanks to the squeaky wheels football players who raise their fist in the air during the playing of the American National Anthem since 2016, I have decided to dedicate my time writing those fan fictions of The Lexicon Bandits featuring Wordgirl and Captain Huggyface.

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Does Jerry Jones know how to run a football team?

As a closet Dallas Cowboys fan since where I live in really New Orleans Saints and Houston Texas football country, I am starting to wonder if Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will make the right decision to terminate his current football coach Jason Garrett who has coached America’s Team for seven seasons.

The Cowboys are in danger of not making a playoff appearance this football season. Since Jerry cannot fire all of his players on his football team, the head coach is the one person who will fall on his sword. Figure speaking of course.

I am sure when the 2017 football season ends, Jerry will make a decision if Jason Garrett remains his head coach or will he fire Garrett and hire another football coach either from Garrett’s staff or go outside the Cowboys family to find his replacement.

All I can say to Cowboys fans is that according to former Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins head coach Jimmy Johnson said on a Fox Sports talk show something to the effect of “If an owner is hands on with the football team that he owns, the team will not be going to a Super Bowl.”

Johnson believes that an owner of a football team let the coaches and executives run the football team and stay out of the way. Great advice if only Jerry would heed Johnson’s advice. Do not hold your breath.

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How to improve the NFL atmosphere

One way to improve the atmosphere of stadiums in the National Football League would be to pump music by Led Zeppelin or KISS in the arenas and turn off the rap and hip hop music that gives the football stadium a sour smell of horse urine.

How about when a football team takes the field the song sung by Haddaway “What Is Love?” plays on the loudspeakers inside the football stadiums or even Cher’s song “Do You Believe In Life After Love.” before and during the football games and just watch the humanoids dance to the tunes.

A KISS  I would recommend would be “Rock And Roll All Night.” to give the football fan a feeling of having more bang for your buck.

Of course one real good way to get back at the social justice warriors also known as the protesting football players is to play the Flag Evolution Star Spangled Banner or the Moog Star Spangled Banner.

Come on Roger Goodell and you football owners. Maybe rap and hip hop music is your generation of getting back at us Baby Boomers who grew up with the late Elvis Presley and the Beatles. But this has gone too far.

Oh by the way add some A-Ha and Duran Duran music to those football cathedrals around America and other nations that have football games for the fans to be entertained.

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Is Scott Van Pelt prove that Bobby Heenan had children?

For those humanoids who are not familiar with the late former professional wrestler, commentator, manager and author the late Bobby “The Brain” Heenan who passed away earlier this year, he used to call his haters since he was a heel the term “humanoids”.

Fast forward to ESPN Sports Center anchorman Scott Van Pelt who host the late night version of the ahem Worldwide Leader Of Sports ESPN or I am dub them the Ego Stroking Propaganda Network since senior Van Pelt is hotter than D C Super Heroine Power Girl dressed in white costume with the boob window because he says that when people approach him, they do not the guts to tell him to his face that ESPN sucks.

Gee whiz Scott you have finally seen the light defending your employer from us nasty Baby Boomers who remember the slogan “Truth, justice and the American Way.” instead of kissing up to sports stars who refuse to say God’s name in honor and respect by saying “The Man Upstairs”.

The reason that some of us older right wing patriots have turned off Stupid Center is that we the humanoids are tired of being lectured by authority figures about being politically correct and seeing your network defend people who do not walk lock in step in what our nation great.

I just love it when my enemies on You Tube and Disqus send me hate mail that I am “a retard”, “stupid” and other mean comments they would say to an authority figure.

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Rest in peace David Cassidy (1950-2017)

You talk about tragic events coming in threes. Well it has happened with the deaths of singers Mel Tillis, Della Reese and now David Cassidy who passed away on Tuesday at age 67.

Cassidy who was a teenage pop idol in the 1970s with the hit television show “The Partridge Family” had been in ill health recently.

Cassidy’s death ends his wonderful life that he lived for 67 years that he lived on Earth making the world a much better place through hit songs and television shows.

The funny thing is that celebrities that you do not like due to their fame or their political views are sorely missed after they pass away from an illness since their replacements are not as good as the original artist today who use the cloak of artistic freedom to push the envelope to sing songs that are vulgar in terms of their lyrics.

Rest in peace David. You went the distance in life and made the world a better place.

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Did the success of the Arrow show harm Justice League?

It seems to be that when there too many super heroes on television or in the movies will harm one of the entertainment industry.

Case in point is that Warner Brothers along with the D C Entertainment Universe move “Justice League” which the goal of the studio was the movie would need to make at least $110 million dollars when it opened this weekend.

The movie made around $95 million dollars this weekend in theaters in North America this weekend which is a disappointment but not a flop since it was the top watched movie.

Okay so the DCEU is not in the same par as their arch rival Marvel Studios who have had success with their super hero movies that have been around for a long time.

What is likely to happen is that the Flashpoint movie will be put on hold since the “Justice League” movie was not good enough to justify making a Flash movie at this time.

One belief why “Justice League” was not a smash hit movie is that maybe just maybe the super hero shows like “Gotham”, “Supergirl”, “Flash” and “Arrow” which are on the C W Network.

Or maybe we all have super hero burnout from D C Comics at this time. You make the call.

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