I hate to say I told you so.

The wrestling fans who have lampooned me on social media in a very rude manner by the way are mourning that Ring Of Honor will likely close shop for a while.

Let me count the ways I will be saying “I told you so.” First of all to those nitwits who were offended over my beliefs that women’s wrestling was great in the 1980s when the wrestlers wore leotards and called out as “An old man who yells at kids ‘Get off my lawn.'” I hope that you are shedding tears of repentance.

Second of all I am saying “I told you so” is when I boycott a promoter for screwing me too many times, we the people will tell you to bug off. We pay your salary.

And finally when wrestling promoters mock God and His Son, the Heavenly Father will allow his enemy to kick your buns and wake you up. Sorry kiddies that Ring Of Honor will be taking some time off. You kiddies can work my former work as a pizza delivery driver since it takes a lot of guts to put your body on the line working for peanuts for a godless promoter who sees you as a piece of meat.

Hello women’s diving as well as women’s gymnastics. Just keep your political protests to yourself.

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How to improve women’s professional wrestling in US

If there is one thing that irks me of the women’s professional wrestling that is on television like Awful Entertaining Wrestling, We Weren’t Entertaining and Crashed is that back in the 1980s lady wrestlers did dress in leotards, did put on good shows and did not wear thong underwear.

These days what irks me is that some of the lady wrestlers use the gimmick of spraying a mist from the mouths on the faces of their opponents to win matches in front of the audience which is mostly college age or young adults instead of persons who should learn to appreciate beauty in life instead of seeing female wrestlers who look like the bad girls on the compact disc of my favorite musician who passed away in 2012 namely Donna Summer.

My idea came from seeing a You Tube channel that featured video games of the Baywatch lifeguards wrestling either wrestlers of the WWE or celebrities. The Baywatch dressed wrestlers did look nice in their work uniforms battling matches which is the way the executives of these wrestling companies should be wise to follow.

But do they listen to me? No way. The fans who watch these shows tweet me that I am the type of person who yells at kids “Get off of my lawn.” Dudes I am just trying to show you that life is wonderful when you see the beauty of our world instead of going on social media and crying the blues that your time at the wrestling show was wasted,

Come on Wimpy Of Wrestling, We Weren’t Entertaining and Awful Entertaining Wrestling and Crashed, my patience is wearing thin. You can shove down our throats rejects from Paul Revere (RIP) and the Raiders on a wrestling show as entertainment. It won’t work on me since gymnastics is back baby.

One more thing wrestling promoters, calling me a liar just because I did fib that I was going to purchase a pay per puke show but changed my mind due to personal reasons is your problem not mine. Just remember that I can make the late George Steinbrenner who used to own the New York Yankees baseball franchise look like a sweet guy by comparison when you get on my nerves. Understood? Good. Dismissed.

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Signs that the NFL should adopt as their slogans

As we football fans who follow the National Football League know the league has signs around the playing field like “It Takes All Of Us”, “End Racism” and others.

Now here is my satire view of what signs should be placed in the end zones on the gridiron in the National Football League such as “Pink Dream” which is the ring nickname of female pro wrestler Alex Gracia.

Another sign that the league should adopt should be “Marti Belle” who I nickname “Taco Belle” after the fast food restaurant who is a female wrestler from the Dominican Republic.

Another end zone sign should read “Black Rose” which is the translation of Puerto Rican lady wrestler Negra Rosa who I do not get along with since she was angry that I told a lie that I was going to be a pay per puke wrestling show which I cannot afford to purchase.

One sign that should be in the end zone of the NFL should read “Dalys Del Caribe” which is a female wrestler of the same name who was born in Panama but calls Mexico her home now. Got to get the Latin audience to watch football.

Finally one more satire piece that should be used in the NFL should be “Awful Entertaining Wrestling” which reminds me of the political joke in America that reads “There is not a dimes difference between Republicans and Democrats in Washington D. C.”

Since I am having a hard time typing stories on Deviantart, I guess I will be spending some time here from time to time expressing my views of the sports world. Enjoy.

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Hold everything

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Do you sports fans miss us

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Todd Gurley did not cost his football team a game.

First of all due to the protests coming from sports stars who gripe about racial injustice and police brutality which was being crammed down our throats, I just do not seem to care about the game.

However before Atlanta Falcon fans point fingers at Todd for his failure to fall down on the one yard line, Remember this. The Falcons defense simply had to prevent Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford from leading his team down the field with a minute left in the game.

It is not Todd’s fault the Falcons lost the game on the last play of the game since he was not on the field.

Be that as it may, I would rather score a late touchdown in a football game and give the opposing team a chance to win a game than failing to score a touchdown late in a game just to have my quarterback take a knee to run out the clock.

It would be like ordering a meal at a restaurant and being short changed by the restaurant. You and I would be angrier than Squirrel Girl not getting her meals at her favorite restaurant Jacqueline’s Isthmus Cafe in Fair City.

Think about it football players when you claim to entertain us.

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Will the “Final Destination” movies beat up the NFL?

I have to admit this fact that since I do not have a full time use of the internet at this time, I have had to watch movies on the cable networks like Bounce, IFC and others since in my opinion, the Nausea Football League has taken a nosedive for my interest to view on Sundays due to the walking billboards I mean the football players wearing those messages about racial tensions on our nation today.

Not to mention that a motion picture like the “Final Destination” movies were much more entertaining than seeing the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns matchup on CBS TV.

I would like to make a joke about the four major sports in America that goes like this.

What does the ending of the “Final Destination” movies have in common for any fan of the losing team in the football games?

The answer is “The endings of the ‘Final Destination’ movies did not have a happy ending since all of the characters in the movies died at the end of the movie”.

Give me an action adventure movie any day over a football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey game since the movie is scripted to entertain audiences with fight scenes that I like instead of reading Tweets from the millionaire jocks who claim to entertain you.

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What the sports networks need to spice up the ratings

In my view of the sports networks that televise talk shows like “First Fake”, “Out Of Dispute” among other sports talk shows is that the host or hosts of these shows need to have a hell raiser like a former pro wrestler like Jesse Ventura to act like the bad guy to counter the butt kissing sports talk show hosts.

For example the media kisses the ring of quarterbacks who wear tee shirts that read “Say Her Name.”, “Black Lives Matter” and “I Can’t Breathe” by making a claim by saying “Say Her Name” by countering it with the name of your favorite female entertainer who is no longer with us.

For example, the names of former lady pro wrestler Kandi Maloy who passed away in late March 2020.

On the Black Lives Matter idea, have the reply be “Of course. We need them to act like fools on television and movies.”

Finally on “I Can’t Breathe” have the heel say “How many times do I have tell you to stop smoking?”

My views were so offensive, that sites like Western Journal, Twitter and others censored my use of the word Dick as in Dick Tracy and Dick Grayson. So I fired them. I feel good getting rid of the garbage media.

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How to improve Spider Man’s character

I know that my swashbuckler image will get me in hot water with fans of the Amazing Spider Man who admire the Peter Parker character who is a teenager who lives with his aunt May Parker who in the Marvel cartoon series detested spiders as well as the masked hero who is as likeable as yours truly taking a leak into the television series that are broadcast on the Completely Woke (CW) Network.

Guess what? I do not care if some humanoids do not like my views of fantasy life that is on the air on the idiot box or tell lie vision makes me as likeable as actor Sylvester Stallone trying out for the lead role in the movie “Rocky”.

What ticks me off of the Spider Man character is that Eugene “Flash” Thompson gets his jollies of picking on Peter because Wimpy Parker cannot fight back since he would reveal his secret identity.

My view of this problem would be that Peter would have the assistance of my original character Elizabeth Parker who is based on former Panamanian beauty queen Erika Parker who is from Colon Panama which is located in the Atlantic side of the isthmus.

Elizabeth who is from Lexicon is an underwater specialist would serve as May’ s caretaker and tell her that not to believe what the Daily Bugle says about Spider Man being a public menace by telling her that Spider Man is an angel compared to her alter ego Gill Gal.

Yes you read it right. Gill Gal who is not related to the “Creature Of The Black Lagoon” movies. Could you imagine the facial expression of Flash Thompson seeing Gill Gal wearing her Kelly green swimsuit with a star logo on her chest as she tells the football star at Empire State University as she tells Flash in her alto voice “Flash Thompson, bums like you make me mad that you pick on that Wimpy Peter, I have news for you. If I see you bother Peter again, I do have a license to kill.” Then she sings the song sung by Gladys Knight as Flash flees the ESU science class.

Of course Wimpy Peter will object to what Elizabeth does to his classmate. Elizabeth would simply tell Peter “Wimpy, I mean Peter. You do things my way and get some moxie in that brainy image of yours.”

Take that Marvel. Oh by the way, be thankful that I use the terms “Cretin” and “humanoid” instead of cuss words that Trump hater use to the determent of this comic book business which is on life support with comic book characters like “New Warriors” and “Bruce Wayne Gotham High.”

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Wait until next year

As many sports fans who root for a team that has not won a championship in the four major sports or college sports means that even though their favorite team did not bring home the championship title, there is hope that the next sports season will be a winner.

Now this post is making reference to children who are celebrating birthdays this year but due to the Coronavirus pandemic and orders from state politicians on the side of caution, the families of children who want to celebrate a birthday party will have to stay inside the home.

I would call these unforeseen events like a natural disaster as a detour. Sure you cannot drive an auto on a closed road. Take an alternate route to get to your destination since we all have to think about the long run in our lifetime.

For those children who had to stray home this year instead of going out on the town to celebrate your birthday, cheer up.

Remember that your health is more important at your young stage in life than risking your life with this pandemic plaguing our world at this time.

At least in some cases, friends and relatives have come to wish some of the children a happy birthday. Second place ain’t so bad.

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